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Leisure LED Lighting for your RV

Having an RV means having a complex, high maintenance luxury that requires high quality care. Finding the right team to care for your investment can be difficult. Here at Leisure Coachworks we have the skill and experience to repair, upgrade and perfect your home on wheels. We use our talented and dedicated team of RV experts, in our 15,000 square foot Fontana, California facility to provide the best service, repairs and maintenance for our customers. Leisure Coachworks is the right place for your RV.

How It All Began

Late 2006 was a tough time for Alfa Leisure, which was in the process of consolidating their facilities. The 5th wheel production plant was closed and the employees were either, sadly, laid off or moved to other more stable areas. Customer service and satisfaction was abysmal and things were looking bleak until Richard Olivas and Jon Goldstein were put in charge of the struggling service environment.

Richard had been a long time employee with a knack for customer satisfaction…

Since 1983 he had worked for Alfa in many positions, learning and applying his experience where it was needed; including his position as production manager of the 5th wheel division. Richard used his ability to adapt, his skill and professionalism to build trust with customers and conquer any issues that would arise in the manufacturing process.

Jon is a man of quality in anything RV…

Since 2001 he has been on the quality side of manufacturing. Jon started his career in quality as a Quality Control Manager for a company that produced a line of orthopedic tools for Depuy (a branch of Johnson & Johnson). He joined the RV industry as a Quality Control Manager and quickly earned respect with his ability to “think outside the box” when faced with manufacturing dilemmas.